Welcome to our blog! We are NT and NC, and we thought we’d start with a bit of a reflection on why we are starting a blog, and what we hope to achieve with it. 

This blog stems from a series of conversations and a shared interest between the two of us in self-improvement and personal growth. This blog is intended to help us do just that, and hopefully also help some others along the way. It is a way for us to distill our discussions on the topic and learn from folks who’ve been working on this a lot longer than we have. Self-improvement is climbing a mountain: this blog will be a map of the path we took during the climb. If you are thinking of climbing it yourself, hopefully there will be some useful content in it for you: if you are already well on your way up, hopefully you can give us some advice!

We’ve called the blog the deliberate path to capture that sense of the journey up the mountain, and also that we want it to be a deliberate one: a path followed consciously and intentionally, and one done after careful consideration.

Improvement and enlightenment is an endless journey, and no doubt this blog will evolve as we do, but you can look out for some reflection on different paths to self-improvement, some concrete suggestions on how to be more productive, some status reports on our own climbs, and probably some abstract philosophizing on the meaning of life, too. We hope you’ll join us for this journey and share your own.