Unautomate Your Finances – Review

Raise your level of financial consciousness.

If I had to boil down the 83 page, 9 chapter, 25000 word MONSTER of an e-book entitled Unautomate Your Finances (UYF) recently released by Adam Baker from ManVsDebt, that would be it.

Don’t let the length intimidate you. This is not yet another run-of-the-mill personal financial advisor snooze fest written to make a buck. This is six plus months worth of blood, sweat, and tears of an average guy with a passion for personal finance trying to help people take back control of their lives. The fact that the guide contains contributions from online heavy hitters Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly is a testament to the quality of the guide and Baker’s commitment to helping others.

While some may find the layout aesthetically dull (I really felt like I was reading a physical book due to the lack of graphics), it oozes simplicity which is an integral part of unautomation. The real benefit derived from this though is the way key sections like “Core Action Steps” really POP due to subtle image enhancements. You can’t help but notice how they stand out from the rest of the text.

The guide is permeated with Baker’s character. UYF flows like a conversation with a good friend from start to finish. The signature characteristics of authenticity and transparency that Baker has built his personal brand around shine through every word.

If you want to take ownership of your personal finances, this guide is for you. If you are ready to declare war on your debt and reclaim your independence, this guide is for you. If you are seeking inspiration, motivation, and/or executable strategies and tactics, this guide is for you. Even if you already have your finances well in hand UYF has the potential to make you think “hmm… I never thought of that.” At the very least it will make you smile and quite possibly laugh out loud a few times.

All in all, Unautomate Your Finances is a fun read, a great resource, and a huge accomplishment for Baker.

Yes, I’m a member of the ManVsDebt Militia. Yes, I’m probably biased. But I did my best to maintain a neutral view while reading and reviewing UYF.

If I could go back and hand my past-self at high school graduation ONE of the countless personal finance books & e-books I’ve read over the past two years, this would be it. It is THAT comprehensive and impactful.

Congratulations Baker. Keep on crushing it!